The Zmotorcase Motorcycle Guitar Case

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The Zmotorcase Motorcycle Guitar Case Bringing Motorcycles And Music Together!

"Get on your bikes and ride!"

Are you frustrated with the lack of options when it comes to bringing your guitar with you on motorcycle rides? You aren't alone! Up until now it seemed the only option was to carry your guitar on your back with backpack straps. This is a potentially unsafe method and not always the best choice.

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Our founder, Mark Zickefoose, created the "better mousetrap" at Zmotorcase because not only could he not take a passenger and his guitar on the same bike ride, he also found that when wearing the guitar as a backpack, the guitar neck would hit him in the head as he down shifted! To make matters worse, when an opposing vehicle (especially a truck) would pass him, the resulting air currents and vortices would cause his guitar to shift on his back in an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe manner.

Fills A Need For The Picking Rider

The Zmotorcase Motorcycle Guitar Case is a "bag-within-a-case" design. Your guitar slips first into a removable nylon gig bag, then you nestle the gig bag into the fiberglass hardshell case, which is attached to the bike. Of course, the hardshell case is removable for times when you aren't toting your guitar along. The outer, hardshell, fiberglass case can be custom painted to match your bike, and you can rest assured knowing that your guitar will be travelling in safety and style when nestled into our case.

Features, advantages, benefits

  • Foam lined, removable inner gig bag
  • Hardshell outer case with 4-5 layers of reinforced fiberglass
  • Draw-tight latches to keep the lid on at 90 m.p.h.!
  • Weather seal around lid to lock out the elements
  • Engineered for clearance of all moving bike parts
  • The hardshell case snaps off the bike quickly
  • We are currently offering the motorcycle guitar case for Harley Davidson softail models and the Victory V92C
  • Got a request for another make of softail motorcycle? Contact us to talk about the possibilities
  • All products are custom made to your application. Please contact us to discuss the details of your specific project.
  • Be sure and talk to us about customizing your bike's paint job and making a case to match!